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Tank 510 USB Charger

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Product Overview

Since the beginning of Vapeing we have all been constantly searching for better and better ways to Vape.  While everyone has a preference (usually) when it comes to battery or cartiomizer styles - we think for the most part, regardless of preference, most everyone would readily admit that while the method they have chosen may be a favorite for this reason or that, in the end every single style or combination of styles and methods has some kind of advantage over another.   And so, from the beginning we here at LeCig have been working steadily toward that same goal we all have deep down - to create 'The Perfect Vape'.  Well, welcome to the next giant leap forward towards that goal - The LeTank Personal Vaporizer System.

If you are one of the many among us who loves the old three piece style E-Cig, but got weary of constantly refilling your cartridges all day long.  Or, maybe you're a big fan of our Cartomizers, but not so much the burn taste you get when they run dry?  LeTank combines these two concepts, and pairs them with our biggest and baddest Mega Batteries yet, to create a NEW three piece Personal Vaporizer System that is going to blow you away.  While you blow out huge billowing clouds of vapor.  What we've done is take the idea and thread of those old 510 style get ups, and then both SUPER SIZED and sealed the Liquid chamber with an airtight rubber containment system.  When they're combined with our spiffy new LeTank Atomizer you have a combination that does it all - long lasting, clouds of vapor, and the smoothest flavor you have ever tasted in an E-Cig.  The clear plastic Tank Chamber itself actually allows you to visually check on how much LeLiquid you have left in your Tank.

That's it, no burning, no constant refills and style to spare.  You won't need to charge your LeTank Battery all THAT often, really... but when you do, this is how that is done.


*Please ONLY attempt charging your LeTank Batteries with the official LeTank charger - attempt to charge it other wise could, and likely WILL result in at very least damage to your LeTank products, and at worse fire or personal injury.  So please make sure you have the product you are looking for before ordering. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review