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How do I fill my cartomizer?

This is one of our most commonly asked questions, so we will try to be as thorough, clear, and concise as possible.  There are many ways to refill your cartomizer but we are going to stick with the most thorough and most comprehensive:

The Syringe Method

You will need:

  • cartomizer
  • syringe with needle
  • eliquid
  1. Fill your Syringe to the desired fill line, set aside for later use

  2. Pick up your Cartomizer with the white capped side facing upwards.  With your Cartomizer in hand, take your push-pin and place the tip into the hole at the center of the white rubber cap, tilt the pin at an angle and lift up until you have removed the cap from the metal casing.

  3. Holding the cartomizer in one hand, take your filled syringe in the other and run the tip of the needle along the inside wall of the cartomizer until it has touched the bottom.

  4. Once your needle is fully inserted, depress the plunger slowly until the eliquid has been emptied from the syringe.  Safely store syringe when finished.

  5. Take the white rubber cartomizer cap you removed earlier and place it back in the cartomizer.

  6. Take the cartomizer between both hands and roll it back and forth between them several times to ensure that your eliquid is properly distributed throughout the cartridge.

  7. Let your filled or refilled cartomizer stand for as long as possible before beginning to vape with it.