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The D Series electronic cigarette manual

The electronic cigarette, or ecig is a nonflammable electronic device which uses microelectronic technology combined with atomization to deliver nicotine to the user. The smoker inhales metered dosages of nicotine thus satisfying cravings. The user experiences the hand to mouth fixation they are accustomed to without experiencing any withdrawal symptoms. The differences between ecig and tobacco are as follows:

  • No tar and other carcinogenic substances or harmful ingredients.

  • No ignition required, therefore taking away 4000 chemical substances produced by the ordinary cigarettes, like carbon monoxide.

  • No second hand tobacco smoke involving everyone around them.

  • No flame, smoke, fire or ash to contend with.

Getting started:   The basics of "vaping" an electronic cigarette is simple:

  1. Select a cartridge or “cartomizer” and remove the plastic tip from both ends. Next, remove the plastic plug that has been inserted inside the cartomizer’s threaded end.

  2. Next screw the cartomizer onto your battery. You may not experience much vapor at first. We suggest you begin puffing as if you were puffing on a cigar. After about 5 puffs you should start to see the vapor production increase. Each cartomizer will produce 200 puffs (10 puffs is approximately one regular cigarette).

  3. After you are done vaping, unscrew your cartomizer from the battery and put it in a protective case. That’s it!

Recharging your Battery:  Your battery is a vital piece of the vaping process. You will need to recharge your battery approximately every 300 puffs.  When the indicator light continuously flashes it is time to recharge your battery. Connect your battery to it’s USB charger, the indicator light (tip of battery) will light up red and a red light will appear on the USB charger. When the lights changes to either green or blue (depending on your USB charger type) the battery is fully charged and ready for use.

Cartomizers:   You will know when it is time to change your cartomizer when it begins to lose flavor or develop a slight burnt taste.  One cartomizer is approximately equal to twenty tobacco cigarettes.

Troubleshooting:  If you have any questions or problems please contact customer service where our team members will be happy to assist you.